A few of our 

The following websites are just a few of our projects listed. Every website is unique to each owner and our creation is limitless. For more information, you may email us at Greetings@meldon.media

This Website was designed with easy navigation for Desk Tops, Tablets, and Mobile versions. Customers are able to order food online and with their phone or even use the DINE-IN feature while orders are sent to the POS system for express service.

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With a Hotel combined with a Restaurant, This website is packed with advanced features.  No stone unturned here. Customers can get a wealth of knowledge from the massive content with the ease of booking a room and ordering a meal.

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The Professional Package, with an exclusive Social Media Network, Members are able to create Groups and Forums. Just like Facebook, Members can customize their profiles, add photos, videos and access the Instant Chat Feature. A Community Online.

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